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Working To Support iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android

  Working To Support iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android

Phucked Readers,

Mr. Phucked has been preparing the site to fully support iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android devices for our videos.
So far.  All the videos on the first page here are converted.  Let me know if anyone has any problems.

Edit 03/23 7:15 PM PST

All videos uploaded by me are now available to view on mobile devices.  Working on other user videos...

Edit 03/24 11:30 PM PST

500 videos now converted.  Almost there...

Mr. Phucked
Improving All Things Phucked Since 2007

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Sweet Mr. Phucked
That means I can text my friends the video links and scare the crap out of them!!!
Let us know when you are done dude!


You know nothing Mr.Phucked,Atleast have some knowledge before Posting anything . . .
Iphone, i pad and i pod cannot support this site because it is made by Americans . . .And as we all know , Americans uses cheap plastics and duplicate parts in their ipads unlike Chinese people with original Chinese pads!! So support Chinese products and throW away American duplicates . .
Americans can never never be happy , BECAUSE Steve jobs is already dead !
Cheers Smile


Mr.History if your Chinese products are anything like your food. They will probably take a shit shortly after purchasing....


fuck yes. ive been wanting mobile for a while. @brandy "winning!"


Wonderful, thank you Mr. Phucked. For the record, if you made an app I would buy it.

Also, I'd rather have an American stereotype of "everyone is fat" than have a Chinese one of eating cats & killing baby girls. USA all day ;) oh, & Germany is rad too.


If Apple would approve the APP, I would make one.  It would be fun!
For now, at least the videos are being converted.
So far, all the videos uploaded by me will all play on mobile devices.
Working on other user uploads now...

Mr. Phucked


For the first time , would like to Thank Mr.Phucked! for the initiative Smile
oh by the way , Ambers America has more debt then GDP of a year!so literally it means that you Americans are buying your i pads on debts Frown. . And when you will return the loan back that you've taken from China ? Sad you can't cause your income is not enough to pay the debts !
And yeah , with all the street mass shootings in temples , streets , theatres ! Hell even in dark knight premiere ! You still call America not phucked? Well seriously something is wrong then ! Sad


It is a true honor to be thanked by such a great Historian...


500 videos now converted.  Almost there...


Wow, AW, you've sure got Eddy nailed to a "T"!


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