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Fire Extinguisher Fucker

Added:Tuesday, June 5, 2012 From:mrphucked
Description:Fuck a Fire Extinguisher? Why not!
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Anonymous (2 years ago)
Why do people do this to their sel
fs I can barely stick 3 fingers in me fuck actually I can't only two
Anonymous (3 years ago)
you dumb fucks its going in her asshole she has a dent right above her asshole the majority of people do check your self...... dose it even matter its a fucking fire extinguisher
Anonymous (3 years ago)
"Mom! Hide the windex, pledge, and soda bottles before we leave! You know how Sandra likes to fuck all our cylinder containers!!!"
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Oh ya fuck that fire extinguisher
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Holy shit!!!
Anonymous (4 years ago)
hot dog down a hallway is all i gota say
Anonymous (4 years ago)
Fuck black guys!! Im going to fire extinguishers
Anonymous (4 years ago)
lord have mercy
Anonymous (4 years ago)
I can see it, but still can't believe it...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
But...but..thats a fire extinguisher....Thats not suppose to fit....Im lucky if i can even fit 3 finger in my pussy, god damn bitc
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