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Murder Raid And Robbery.

Added:Monday, August 3, 2009 From:YungLegend13
Description:These Are Mexican Drug Gang Members Storming Into A Jewelry Store. Four Are Killed.
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Anonymous (3 years ago)
Obviously they weren't gonna rob the place because there guy was spewing dna and evidence all over the store. Yet he remembers to grab the gun. . . .
Anonymous (3 years ago)
but they forgot to steal the diamonds.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
i hope that guy got punished for teamkilling
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Fucking dumbass shot one of there own!
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Fucking retarded bastards Pahahahaha!! I don't know whos the dumbest, the guy who shot his mate, the guy who stood infront of his mate to get shot or the fool that trusted them with guns?? raotlm...
Anonymous (5 years ago)
They shouldnt of entered that match with friendly fire on xD call of duty
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Its call of duty in real life =D
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Fucken beaners these days.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
They forgot to steal anything......
Anonymous (6 years ago)
and obama still refuses to do anything about illegals in the US. show him this fuckin video...
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