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Religion Kills

Added:Monday, August 3, 2009 From:YungLegend13
Description:This Is A Truly Heart Breaking Video That Shows The Pain Religion Can Cause.
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Anonymous (3 years ago)
Your move christians
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Yeah anything is possible idiot, I can be God. It's just that their hasn't been proven that their is a God
Anonymous (4 years ago)
Fucking retards. Either fucking kill or lock up all religious idiots that let their kids die.
Anonymous (4 years ago)
"Through God, anything is possible." Keyword POSSIBLE!!! Not guaranteed! And fuck you anti religion bastards. Thats cool if you're atheist, bit you dont have to be an ass and hate on christians, ...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
This upsets me in two ways, That a girl died when she didn't have to, and that there are people FUCKING STUPID enough to pray to a god who doesn't exist while their daughter dies in front of them...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
I live in Wausau. :D
Anonymous (4 years ago)
ok... for all you dumbass reilgious cunts out there.. heres a thought... god gave us the resources and knowledge to make cures, THERES YOUR FUCKING ANSWERED PRAYERS!!!! 
Anonymous (5 years ago)
hahah i hope the parents commit suicide, dumb fucking cunts. n yes god is real dumb ass.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
you people who are hardcore religious are FUCKED in the head! When will you learn there is no God! If he exist, would he allow this to happen to one of his children? Would we be watching all the...
Anonymous (5 years ago)
you could only get this sorta stupidity in america
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