That's Phucked

Mind Trip (WOW)

Added:Wednesday, August 5, 2009 From:YungLegend13
Description:This Video Is Best Watched While On Drugs. (I Can Speak Russian In French)
Category:General Humor
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Anonymous (3 years ago)
There is another video kinda like this that i watched on here and can't find can someone tell me wat it is called it had some anime chick blowing some dude and her head exploded that's all i reme...
Anonymous (3 years ago)
lol dat woman or trap or whatever dancing was the most phucken thing haha
Anonymous (4 years ago)
Anonymous (4 years ago)
im ascurred
Anonymous (4 years ago)
i bet a million bucks that if i watch this ill die in 7 days
Anonymous (5 years ago)
thats phucked alright
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Just stupid. Made me jump once, but this is not even close to matching the amount of phucked-upedness of some of the other videos.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Anonymous (5 years ago)
what a load of shit!
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