That's Phucked

Bug In Mouth

Added:Friday, August 7, 2009 From:YungLegend13
Description:This Reporter Turn's Ghetto In A Heart Beat!
Category:General Humor
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Anonymous (2 years ago)
Hi tongue is black and there is no bug. He is a reptilian shapeshifter and he had a "moment"
Anonymous (5 years ago)
funniest black guy in the internet
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Cracks me up!!
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Now DATS black!!!
Anonymous (6 years ago)
who says only whites are posting the racists comments ?? you are disgracing yourself for assuming so. All types of people call Blacks niggers just as all types of people call whites Honkys, crack...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Too funny!! and for all of the racists, get a life!!!!! Seriously, deal with reality dumb asses... You came from Africa just as Blacks did. FYI If you look up the term nigger means an ignorant pe...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
I don't know why the black people here are gettin mad at the white people's comments. It just shows how pathetic they are as a race. You're just disgracing yourselves.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
lmao really you dumb ass nigger we copy your style last time i checked all the niggers are wearing skinny jeans . we made that style up you niggers used to clown on us for it now you niggers wear...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
that negro sounded white till that bug flew in his mouth then he broke out the dirty south
Anonymous (6 years ago)
hey dude befor the more resent dude i beleve u droped this (s) be more carefull nigger
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