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African Boy Gives Oral to Cow

Added:Monday, April 13, 2009 From:MrPhucked
Description:If the cow is not giving up its milk, then the young African boys "encourage" them...
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Anonymous (4 months ago)
Khe berga .-.
Anonymous (8 months ago)
Omg really fuckin nasty!
Anonymous (3 years ago)
I'm willing to do a lot for the fam, But I draw the thin red line at blowing livestock. Ma & Pa will hafta find a new way to stimulate lactation.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
When I was young, I had to suck on a cow's asshole to get some milk. You haven't seen shit LMAO
Anonymous (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHA No nigger can ever have a comeback for that nasty shit. You dirty greasemonkeys eat out animals!! HAHAHAHA
Anonymous (4 years ago)
??  ????
Anonymous (4 years ago)
OMG hahaha wow
Anonymous (4 years ago)
I onder if they have ever been shat o
SinWrath (5 years ago)
Shits getting hot up in
Anonymous (5 years ago)
mines a quater pounder no cheese  lol.. im black this is funny but peado chior boy rapeing is a crime perpt by white folk but i wont waist your or my time now what the fuck else is there to look ...
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