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Cow Fed To Tigers

Added:Saturday, August 8, 2009 From:YungLegend13
Description:It's Feeding Time At This Zoo, And The Tigers Look Hungry!
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Anonymous (5 months ago)
They should have thrown those faggots who talked the hole time in there instead of the cow. Douche bags
Anonymous (3 years ago)
no, you cant kill the cow first, they are fucking lions. they could be ferile, so thats why they refuse to eat someone elses kill, they dont want old kill, they want it fresh.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
This remind anyone else of Jurassic park the scene were they fed the cow to the raptors
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Hello nature.
Anonymous (4 years ago)
ya shoot the cow before you feed it. Jesus if this is America it's fucked up as hell
Anonymous (5 years ago)
The kids yelling the entire time killed it for me.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
It's a zoo. In America. Why do people feel like making such a big deal? Tigers kill other animals all of the time. Just because it's in a zoo, it's wrong? Please.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
mmm im going to mcdonalds now
Anonymous (5 years ago)
looks like the tiger wanted to have sex at first
Anonymous (5 years ago)
no it doesnt retard cows dont live in the jungle
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