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Suicide Bomber (Live T.V)

Added:Tuesday, August 11, 2009 From:YungLegend13
Description:This Was A Suicide Bomber Attack On Live T.V.
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Anonymous (2 years ago)
human ... the dumbest thing ever ... i wish i could be something else than a human ... my own species is full of dumb ass
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Obey Allah's orders and you'll end up in heaven with many virgin wives (majority of suicide bombers think). Damn, religion is so stupid -_-
Anonymous (5 years ago)
keep up the good work thick twats. the more you smoke the better keep it up
Anonymous (5 years ago)
fuck you cunts are stupid keep it up and there will be none of you left fuk muslims
Anonymous (5 years ago)
stupid fuckin paki's, just fuckin keep blowing yourselves up and making our jobs easier, we dont want you in our countries, and this is exactly why
Anonymous (5 years ago)
The Enemies killing themselves, America Won a long time ago.
MASTURBATION (6 years ago)
Uhhh yuh.
Thats how its done motherfucker.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Good News, the 27 Virgins are REAL - of course, they're all Guys! ;-P  If I was a suicide bomber these days, I'd just put a Big Bomb in a backpack, get in line for an airport security scan, wait ...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
atleast they are blowin eachother up fuckin camel jokeys
Anonymous (6 years ago)
This is disturbing. That aside i would give anything to see that shoe bomber when the shoes dident blow up.
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