That's Phucked

Revenge Is A Bitch

Added:Thursday, August 20, 2009 From:Yunglegend13
Description:This Dude Raped & Killed His Sister So Now It's Time For Some Old Fashion Revenge.
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Anonymous (8 months ago)
Niggers gonna nigg, mayne!!!
Anonymous (3 years ago)
do something like that in texas... I DARE YOU.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Why the hate cmon... Every race has its fucktards and we all have something in common because of it
Anonymous (3 years ago)
White people shit white poop, black people shit black poop, brown people shitbrown poop, yellow people shit yellow poop, red people shit red poop. Good day sirs
Anonymous (4 years ago)
I think its funny how people of color say that white people are so racist and then they turn around and say shit like exterminating the white race. I'm from fucking Texas and im not racist, and i...
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Harvard professor, Noel Ignatiev is right - the white race must be eliminated. Help the movement by joining the white suicide statistic. Jewish Pride.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
No shock that my 'white' friend referred me to this site seeing that MOST of the sick fucks who watch the videos are in white. White people rape, molest, commit genocide, and oppress. It's in you...
Anonymous (5 years ago)
you people make me laugh it jus goes to show how much cracker no fur pink as white people wish blacks never got the upperhand....haha go suck dick
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Why the fuck would he rape his own sis fucken blackies!
Anonymous (5 years ago)
one less nigger in this world
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