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Break 2eggs with a stick

Added:Sunday, September 13, 2009 From:jason2541
Description:How to break 2 eggs with a stick in 1 shot
Category:General Humor
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Anonymous (4 years ago)
RayFire51 (5 years ago)
I sense anger...
Anonymous (5 years ago)
i would fucked beat ur ass if u did that too me.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
LOL the weird thing was i knew tht it was a nut shot video b4 even watching it
Crashland (6 years ago)
Lol. N00b P0wn!
Nobody_543212345 (6 years ago)
you could have just gone to a plastic surgeon and turned gay or into a woman but why do this,? this isnt part of nature its just part of a mentally retarded guy who it was a good idea to do this ...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
anybody who does something along the lines of that deserves to have the same done to them, plus a good asswooping.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
if you did this to me in the woods i'd pout all day.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
croquet?  more like, "Bro, that hurts!"
Anonymous (6 years ago)
hold my calls.  i've gt AIDS.
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