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Eugene Armstrong beheading

Added:Thursday, October 15, 2009 From:JacksPhucked
Description:Eugene Armstrong gets decapitated by terrorists.
Duration : 03:31
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Duration : 03:03
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Duration : 03:17
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Duration : 02:54
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Anonymous (1 year ago)
Weak countries same like this ,China should rule the Middle East .....Justice in the Chinese
Anonymous (2 years ago)
Muslims are faget ass bitches and all need to die. A.k.A White power!
Anonymous (2 years ago)
Yes.. Fuck all you sand niggers out there. You should have to watch your mothers get raped to death.
Anonymous (2 years ago)
Anonymous (2 years ago)
Walk it off old timer
Anonymous (3 years ago)
war on all muslims now !!!!!!
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Islam is not a peaceful religion. There is a fact. Muslims are retards!!! If you... muslim care about then protest against that! And stop terrorising Europe with your fucking saharia law!!!! Get ...
Anonymous (3 years ago)
I agree with the 2nd comment below me. I am a muslim too and we also end up hating this kind of muslims they are such a disgrace. Not all muslims are like this okay? I sit at home and play games,...
Anonymous (3 years ago)
hate Muslims
Anonymous (3 years ago)
these guys arent religious. Allah isnt a God of violence.  These towelhead sand nigs use it as an excuse. they are frauds and real muslims hate them as much as we do.  Islam is a religion of peac...
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