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Melon Fuck

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Anonymous (1 year ago)
Anonymous (3 years ago)
that was for the family. u son of a bitch
Anonymous (3 years ago)
hopefully he ate it after!
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Anonymous (3 years ago)
great, this asshole just ruined my favorite fruit
Anonymous (3 years ago)
this is sooo wrong! Dude, get a gf.... i will never eat watermelon again.. EVER!!!
Anonymous (5 years ago)

Anonymous (5 years ago)
wat is dah world "cuhmin" to wen a pussy/mouth/booty hole is bein replaced by fruit?!?!
Anonymous (5 years ago)
I love this video! And, u gotta admit the guy gets pretty creative in a Wish he'd post more!!
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Really, Americans? a water melon?
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