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Real Voodoo?

Added:Thursday, December 31, 2009 From:WhoKnows
Description:a man sticks needles into his son as revenge on his wife
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Anonymous (5 years ago)
This has nothing to do with being in a trance and everything to do with a derranged parent.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Very sad. Thats what you get when you dabble in the accult and go into trances...just because something tells you to do something doesnt mean you should do it.
booty_queen (6 years ago)
poor boy! i hate needles! this just made it worse!
booty_queen (6 years ago)
lmfao!!! shout4511.. how stupid could you be! hahahaha!

DarkEmperess (6 years ago)
That sick motherphucker needs to DIE.  Also, @shout4511, how stupid are you?  "Anonymous" is anyone who comments without having an account or without logging in....idiot.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
dont talk that way about blackpeople some are really cool black people arent the only one who could do that
shout4511 (6 years ago)
im jus sooooooooooooo pissed that this Anonymous guy fills the coment bored with like 2  million comments on one video god one is enough
Anonymous (6 years ago)
people like that alwas get there asses pumped mega hard in jail
Anonymous (6 years ago)
that poor child imagin the pain he must have gone through I hope his fatherdies in prison bast ard
Anonymous (6 years ago)
i hope he has a stroke but doesnt die , let him survive for he could suffer .
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