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Marine Throws Puppy

Added:Friday, April 17, 2009 From:mrphucked
Description:US marine (David Motari) throw's a puppy off a cliff
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Anonymous (1 year ago)
WHAT a loser killing like nothing
Can't wait to see your name come up as kia BTW respect to all the good solders out there. Fk the ones like these
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Fk that marine bitch ass mf I don't care if he's fighting for the world he deserves to be put on his legs and his brains all over the wall
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Anonymous (1 year ago)
you guys two maybe already dead..
Anonymous (2 years ago)
He's fighting for your freedom and you talk shit because he throws a puppy that would of died in that desert anyway he did that puppy a favor
Anonymous (2 years ago)
die in the hell
Anonymous (2 years ago)
i will pray for god, that u will killed so badly by taliban.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
I know you name mother fucker david motai of America us marine core
Anonymous (3 years ago)
sick piece of shit I hope you die a million  deaths and rot in hell sick fuck I will dedicate my life to finding you and throw you off a cliff you faggot
Anonymous (3 years ago)
And to think I was starting to feel a lil bad for plowing his chick while he was over there
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