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Spooky photo life on Mars

Added:Friday, February 5, 2010 From:McPavel
Description:New video
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Anonymous (4 years ago)
I saw a little smiley face in a tree, does that mean it's an alien lifeform? NO it's just fucking coincidence -.-
CenturyRival (5 years ago)
More Videos like this Please.. Interesting (--Interested!!
Anonymous (5 years ago)
fuck you to the guy that said something about "the reapers are hear to collect..." fuck you and mass effect...though it is a good game
Anonymous (5 years ago)
Chewy making a cameo appearance ;)
Anonymous (5 years ago)
the reapers will soon collect us every one better have balls
nukima11 (5 years ago) big foot is really an Alien!!!  lol
Anonymous (6 years ago)
The rocks look like the face of a statue buried in the sand shit and the red ring covers a bit of the eye.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
its a space monkey!
Anonymous (6 years ago)
w000 at aliaaannzz! their after us! i reckon john howard got a root with the lock nest monster to create that thing =D
Anonymous (6 years ago)
looks like a deformed human with an elephant in there belly.dick'ed
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