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burning nail with lighter

Added:Wednesday, August 18, 2010 From:jollykillbill
Description:i am burning my thumb nail with my lighter
Duration : 03:31
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From : drakedcx
Duration : 03:03
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From : brucessecret
MASTURBATION (5 years ago)
These videos are interesting, why you guys making fun of him/her getting burned hurts like a motherfucker.
Course, it is nothing compared to the other shit but come on its not like any of you pos...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
yall are all fucking retarted its a girl trick as hoes but still bitch kill yo self
Anonymous (6 years ago)
fuckin goof
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Actually he/she was probably just trying to cauterize some proud flesh. My dad does it all the time. The nail bed gets infected and hurts like hell. Doing this apparently cures it.
Anonymous (6 years ago)
white people.... smh
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Kill yourself!  THAT would be brutal!  Your life is pointless, you live online, have no friends, and basically live solely for our amusement.  So, do it.  But PLEASE do it in an original way... o...
Anonymous (6 years ago)
that aint phucked xD
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Wow Lol
DarkEmperess (6 years ago)
Do that to your dick or balls, and THEN I'll be impressed.  Maybe that will be "phuck-worthy"
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