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Man Gets Mowed Down On Street

Added:Friday, January 21, 2011 From:mrphucked
Description:Man Gets Mowed Down On Street
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Anonymous (2 years ago)
is that a head !?!?
Depression (4 years ago)
he did a cartweel x3 lucky i cant do cartweels some guys get all the luck hahahahahaha xD
Anonymous (4 years ago)
theres been a red light during the whole shot of this video
Anonymous (4 years ago)
this was like the most stupidest thing to do. also i think it's fake
Anonymous (4 years ago)
That's gota sting ur insurance cover
Anonymous (5 years ago)
He stops walking and tries to stop the car with his hand, what a great idea
Anonymous (5 years ago)
the guy who wrote he could be a gymnast made me fucking laughhhh !! haha
Anonymous (5 years ago)
i hope he's okay.. that's just sick, and fucked.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
now people we made sure he was okay....we dont know about the guy who got hit though
Anonymous (5 years ago)
People are laughing at this? you american murderers are sadistic fucks.
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