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Added:Saturday, February 12, 2011 From:mrphucked
Description:They just sit there, ready to die. Must really suck to executed like that.
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Anonymous (3 years ago)
9mm holds 16 rounds..... That is normal...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
Blood doesn't splatter like in the movies unless the gun is powerfull enough to basically blow the fuckin head off. I'm no video expert but this looks legit to me
Anonymous (4 years ago)
It's not a fucking six shooter you retards. It's a small calibur pistol that has a fucking magazine. It could have like 20 fuckin bullets...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
so fucking fake lmfao!!!!!!!
Anonymous (4 years ago)
you realize pistols can hold more than 7 bullets?
Anonymous (4 years ago)
this video is fake a gun have only 7 bullets and that man kill 10 people with one gun.....fake
Anonymous (4 years ago)
Anonymous (4 years ago)
you can see the bullet hit the floor after passing through head
Anonymous (4 years ago)
lucifer loves us all
Anonymous (4 years ago)
These guys act like they think they're so bad ass, shooting tied up guys in the head from behind.  I'd try and get up and head butt him.  Once he shot all my friends, I'd know I was gonna get kil...
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