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Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading

Added:Friday, February 25, 2011 From:mrphucked
Description: Russian Neo-Nazi Beheading
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Anonymous (3 years ago)
fuck immigrants....white power for life !!!
Anonymous (4 years ago)
The victims were illegal muslim imigrants from the caucasus which is a huge problem in Russia. They number in the tens of millions and are heavily involved in murders, white slavetrade, prostitut...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
I hope the people that got executed were the nazis
Anonymous (4 years ago)
are those muslim too?
Anonymous (4 years ago)
were getting back at rebels from some where that killed a bunch of russian soldiers by slitting about eight soldiers throats so they took it apon them selfs to get some pay back
Anonymous (4 years ago)
If they are neo nazis why are they killing white guys
RussianDutchess1488 (4 years ago)
Fuck this video! Heil Hitler! \m/ horns n hails motherfuckers!
Anonymous (4 years ago)
to all the racist fucks... maybe america belonged to mexicans and indians first but it was the white people that took that shit from them because we could..  WHY, u ask b/c we have always been, a...
Anonymous (4 years ago)
Good job even if you're not nazis I hate all human life.
Anonymous (5 years ago)
~smh~ The Nazis were fucking tough as fighters during WW2, but hey. If it wasn't for America, we'd all have blonde hair and blue eyes speaking German. In my opinion, they should have some respect...
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