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Al Assad killed a 12-year-old

Added:Wednesday, September 7, 2011 From:mrphucked
Description:Al Assad killed a 12-year-old child the 1st day of Al Fotour Day
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Anonymous (2 years ago)
Kill the terrorists while they are young! Murica
Anonymous (3 years ago)
yeA man if that kid made it alive , it is probable he will be evil ........god damn
Anonymous (3 years ago)
The best way to eliminate future terrorists is to exterminate all future terrorists.  To eliminate all future terrorist kill all of them young and old.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Dammn... fuck up
Anonymous (3 years ago)
We should just blow Iran Syria and Iraq all to hell. It's a good think I don't control out bombs.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
usa should nuke them
Anonymous (3 years ago)
I still Dont get it, Why of all people, they killed Innocent Children? Theres a pretty clear target for Justin Beiber...
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Are they saying jihad
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Yeah. Touch his fcken wounded skull wit yur dirty ass fingers. Poke tht shit, poke his brains out... Such, dumbasses
Anonymous (4 years ago)
translation of pakies. "let me poke is head no i bgsed it no you touched it twice" then do they not think hmmmm wen you get shot in the head do you die?
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